FauG Game APK Download - 100% Real Fauji game download android

FauG Game APK Download - 100% Real Fauji game download android

FAUG Game is one of the best PUBG alternatives by Indian developers. Recently, when PUBG get Banned in India, an Indian software developing company called Ncore gaming share updates about FAUG Game app. The News was published by a Famous Indian Celebrity, Akshay Kumar. He published the FAUG (Fearless and United Guards) updates on his social media handles.

FAUG Game app Download, It is supposed to be a PUBG alternative, and it is the biggest competition for PUBG. Yeah! We know that the PUBG was banned in India, then how's It can be a competition. But, If the Indian government removes the ban from PUBG, It will still compete with it. Because the locals will always support Made in India products.

Fearless and United Guards (FAUG) is one of the most trending apps to download and play. It is being viral and shared over thousands of social media handles. Definitely, it can toughly compete with PUBG due to it's connection to country and peoples.

It is a battle royale game, can be played by multiple players. It's basically a multiplayer game that is made in India and soonly releasing around October. The source is the Social Media handles of celebrity Akshay Kumar, shared these updates on his social media handles (Twitter and Instagram) on September 4 (approx).

Also, The 20% amount of revenue generated by this app will go to the martyrs of the country without involving any Governmental or Non-Governmental Organization in Between (Directly it will be transferred). That's why it is also one of the main reason to compete with PUBG. Not only PUBG, but It can also compete with various Battle Royale game available in Play Store and Apple Store.

Lot's of people were trolling it by making its meme, and the FAUG Game app began popular by the meme.

The main reason to download FAUG app is to support Indian products and to promote Indian stuff around the globe. Just like PM Modi said, "Be AtmaNirbhar".

Why FAU-G?

FAUG Game app, FAU-G Stand for Fearless and United Guards. It is dedicated to the Indian army Force and represents the Indian army as a Fearless Guard and who are United. And, You should support this app because if you are an Indian, you should have the feeling of love toward the country. You should play this game and also help to get the donation to the Indian Martyrs. If you Download FAUG App, then you will support the decision of our Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi. In my personal opinion, you must support Indian Game/Products or any kinds of stuff developed or presented by Indian locals.

FAUG Game APK Download: The game thumbnails refers that is is related to PUBG's idea. But, For making local's data information secure, nCore is developing the game FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards) by giving more priority to user's information and privacy.

What is FAUG?

FAUG Game is going to a next battle royale game that might be playable online with multiplayer mode. It Stands for Fearless and United Guards and going to release before October's last week. It is a game that is a multiplayer action-based game that will compete with PUBG, and it is one of the best options for PUBG Mobile Alternatives. It is relative to other battle royale game apps, but it will give more priority to the user's data and privacy. It is an Indian App supporting Make in India mission and a safe replica of another battle royale (Best PUBG Alternative). 

Main Highlights:

Personally, I don't know the game is fully prepared or not. But, I can tell you the main highlight of this app that is being specially focused. Main Highlights:-
  • FAU-G is going to be more secure and reliable.
  • It is going to compete with PUBG and other popular Battle royal games.
  • The game teaser was published by Bollywood's actor Mr Akshay Kumar.
  • Game is going to focus on the Indian audience.
  • FAU-G is specially dedicated to the Army force of India.
  • The game will share their 20% net revenue with Indian Army family.
  • And, The app is developed by an Indian Company.
As the thumbnail refers, it is going to be based on Battle Royale Games Idea. It is going to compete with PUBG (Player Under Battle Ground) and many other battle royale apps like free fire, COD (Call of Duty) and others. It is going to be developed in India giving more priority to user's privacy and supporting Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi AtmaNirbhar movement (Make In India).

How to play FAUG Game?

Well, it depends. If FAUG Game app will launch with the battle royale idea. Then, it might be easier to play for those who already play other battle royale games. The iconic thumbnail refers, it will be based on battle royale idea. So, it may consist of the same settings that are being used on other battle royale games like PUBG. If not goes the same as PUBG, then it will be an offline game that also depends on settings that let you play FAU-G.

Play FAUG Game using it's setting. Forward Press to move forward and Backward press to move backwards. Aim your target and press the fire button to shoot your enemy. That's all about how to play FAUG game.

AtmaNirbhar movement

The app is going to based on the PM speech, AtmaNirbhar movement, As Akshay Kumar tweeted that supporting AtmaNirbhar movement, he'll bring country's own battle royale game that is going to be next PUBG of India after PUBG get banned. FAUG Game will be launched - Announced by Akshay Kumar on 4th September.

There are a lot of tweets related to this FAUG game app, some of the tweets are from developers and their team. All they represent is AtmaNirbhar movement. That's all about AtmaNirbhar movement and the story behind FAUG.

How to Download FAUG Game App?

So long, still, the game isn't available officially at play store and apple store. It will be soonly available on both the app store. It might launch around October, and you've to wait till October. May it launch soon in October's last or October mid. Upright now, the poster of FAUG only published by Akshay Kumar. You'll have to wait till Akshay Kumar share an update about it.

If you want to be first to download FAUG Game app within your friend circle, make sure you add this page to your bookmark's list. So, Do it right now, add this site to your bookmark list.

App details:

Application's Name:- FAU-G
Category:- Action Game, Battle Royale, Online, Multiplayer
Full-Form:- Fearless and United Guards
Competition:- PUBG, Fortnite, Free Fire, COD and other
File Size:- Around 1.8 (Similar to PUBG)
Launch Date:- Upto Mid October
Developer:- nCore Games

How to Install FAU-G Game app on your device?

Installing FAUG game on your android is the simple process that everybody can do. First, you will have to wait for it, wait for the release day. Still, Talking about September month, there is just a piece of FAUG's poster has been released. Follow the following steps to install FAU-G:-
  • Download FAU-G from the link below
  • Open File Manager
  • Select FAU-G.apk file
  • Install it
  • Then, Enjoy Fau-G game
Follow these steps to get it installed on your android or iOS devices. If you want it from the play store, you'll have to wait till it releases to date. I think installing it from the Play Store will be more fun than installing it manually. We will provide the link immediately when it is being uploaded to play store or on Apple ap store.

FAU G Game File Size

Nothing is being officially published till now, and we've been told that it might be 1.8Gb of file size, nearly to PUBG's file size. And, the file size may go more than it appears, and the app will be around 60 to 100 MB. The game may acquire more storage than it appears on Google play store and Apple App Store. The app will be launched soon, and the app size detail will also get published on this website.

FAU G Game App Release Date

From the officials, we've noticed that it will release soonly. The exact number is not currently official. But, we know that it will publish around October's second week or till the last week. It is going to release on both Apple App store and on google play store officially. It might release with a grand celebration. Most of the information about it is private till now. In some meme images, we've seen some local locations from India, that might come true. And all about the release date, it's not published. But, if you ask about release month, it may be October or rarely November.

Is FAU-G the best PUBG Alternative?

Well, we have not seen it yet. But, to support an Indian PUBG styled app we're too excited. So, I think that why not? It can compete with PUBG and also it might be the best PUBG alternative. Being similar to PUBG will be not enough to be the alternative, to be the best PUBG alternative, it has to get high-quality graphics and a similar theme to PUBG. So, If it matches these requirements, it can be the best PUBG alternative of all time.


I hope that most of the PUBG lovers and Indian Online Gamers should be waiting to FAUG Game Apk Download. And they should wait for an app that is Made In India. So, If you're PUBG lover or you love to play Battle Royales, then you must have FAUG Game installed on your device. Just click the link below to complete the download.

FAUG Game Apk Download. Please Refresh the page to start the download...

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