Sera Blog Blogger Template - Beautiful Responsive Template

Sera Blog Blogger Template - Beautiful Responsive Template
Sera Blog Blogger Template is a beautiful, pink coloured, free to use an elegant template that can be used in multiple niches like Business, Technology, Health, Nature, Photography and more. It is a free, responsive, Stylish and also a user-friendly blogger template for multiple niche blogging.

Quick Info

Template Name: Sera Blog

Platform: Blogger

Template Author: SoraTemplates

Sera Blog Blogger Template

It is a beautiful template that I think it might be designed for beauty, fashion or for a fitness blog. But, anyway it's a multipurpose blog theme that also can be used in photography, business, nature, technology and many more different topics. It is beautiful, pink coloured, lovely, professional, elegant and user friendly. It exactly fit the images in the thumbnail frame. It is a picture-perfect theme that also helps photographers to enhance their picture management in it. In my view, it's beautiful, and girls blogger really deserves it most for their beauty blogs. If you like this theme and you want to use it, but if the pink colour doesn't suit your blog, you can customize its colour easily. It is easy to customize and a beginner who just started, and has basic knowledge, can also customize it, It's easy.


The template contains multiple features that are essential for most of the bloggers. And please don't forget to review it and read it features before you get used to it, Because It can make you dissatisfied. Features are listed below:-
  • Colourful
  • Responsive
  • Beautiful
  • Better Loading Speed
  • Multiple usages
  • Custom Search Box
  • Elegant
  • Pink
  • WordPress Inspired
  • Magazine/ Business/ Photography/ Nature/ Technology
  • Social Bookmarks Available
  • Multiple Widgets
  • Social Sharing Supports
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Attractive
  • User Friendly
  • Clean UI
  • Modern/ Professional/ Stylish
  • Portfolio
  • Minimal


Now, A hard decision time, Should you use it if it is related to your niche? I would like to say yes because it can be used and can be customized. It can look more beautiful than it is because it can be easily customized. But, at the first check it, preview it and check it on your blog. If it suits your blog, then keep using it. You can purchase its premium version for removing credit footer, also for making it more professional. Check out those links below to review the Sera Blog Blogger Template.

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