MovieKhor - Responsive Video/Movie Blogger Template

MovieKhor - Responsive Video/Movie Blogger Template
MovieKhor blogger template is a responsive Movie blog theme. It is a Movie and Video theme for your blog where you can share movies and videos in your blog, you can also provide Movie and Videos review in your blog using this template for free.

Quick Info

Template Name: MovieKhor

Platform: Blogger

Template Author: TemplateMark

MovieKhor Blogger Template

It just a movie sharing template providing ultimate user experience with 100% responsive feature. It is a template that is perfectly designed, decent, user-friendly, looks little bit professional, attractive, responsive and 100% free to use. For getting owner credit removed from the footer of this template, you have to buy its premium version by paying the cost of it to its owner. Maybe no one's looks for a responsive template nowadays, because it is a common feature that is available in every single blogger theme. But, trust it is really worth it with its other features combinations. It has a trending progress bar which is located at the top left corner of the screen, which informs your visitors about the latest movie shared in your blog. It has multiple menus, including a drop-down menu which contains an impressive search box at the right side. Almost the appearances are good and well managed with its other features. Let's head up to the features section, keep scrolling.


MovieKhor comes with unique features in its field. Nowadays, almost all templates for blogger have the same features, mainly the responsive once because to maximize their limits. So, don't get dissatisfied when you see the same features on different multiple Blogspot theme. Its features are mentioned below in the list:-
  • Responsive
  • Movie/Video Sharing
  • User Friendly
  • Attractive
  • Professional
  • Elegant
  • Colourful User Interface
  • Dropdown menu
  • Trending Progress Bar
  • Social Media's Bookmarks
  • Social Sharing Available
  • WhatsApp Sharing Available
  • Multiple Widgets
  • Features Post
There is a list of features that most of the bloggers looks for. The features listed in the above list are valuable one and also they must to know features that make a template look feel a template. So, what we get? to know more, we always recommend do keeping scrolling.


So, here we are at the conclusion where I can describe my final words for this post. Talking about a Movie/Video Sharing site, it's a better niche to earn more money. But, there are already lots of websites that share movies for free. If you do create a movie sharing site on blogger, it might be the best template to both user and owner. And it really gives a feeling of visiting a professional website if you can customize it. Finally! If you are going to create a Movie sharing website, I'll definitely recommend you to use it. But, before you download, click on the Preview button for reviewing it, if you like it, then for free, you can use MovieKhor Blogger Template.

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