How to make Blogger Template SEO friendly - SEO Tips for Beginner

How to make Blogger Template SEO friendly - SEO Tips for Beginner

According to beginners, they need is SEO friendly blogger template that helps their blog to boost their site's SEO health, and ranking in different search engines. Always a beginner wants an SEO friendly theme, but he/she also wants the best User-friendly theme, that doesn't make any sense. But, by optimizing your template can make it both user and SEO friendly.

What is an SEO Friendly Theme?

SEO friendly theme can be defined as a theme that is fully optimized with SEO and that perform best as possible from it. That means SEO template is an SEO optimized template.

So, if you want to get an SEO friendly theme for your blog then, try to optimize it first. But, still, the question is how to optimize blogger template? Don't worry bloggers, just keep scrolling.

How to Optimize Blogger Template?

At first, you start optimizing, please write 4 to 5 detailed article on the topic in which your blog is. It's not necessary, but it will be better to have some posts on your blog. Follow these steps below to start optimizing after writing your articles:-

1. Go To Settings > Basic

After you visit the settings > Basic section, now we can start optimizing it well. Follow these steps:-

1.1 Give a Beautiful Title/Topic for your blog.
1.2 Write a short description as well.
1.3 Set Privacy, Visible to Search Engine.
1.4 Add a custom domain if you have.
1.5 Keep HTTPS Availability and Redirect to "Yes".
1.6 At Last from basic, set "Blog Readers" to "Public".

They are some basic settings that are not too much important for SEO optimization, but it's a process. Then visit "Post and Commenting" and follow the steps below:-

2.1 Set, Show at most "_" Post that you want on your Homepage.
2.2 Go To Comments > Who Can Comment? = User with Google Account.
2.3 Set Comment Moderation to Always.
2.4 Show Word Verification to "Yes"

That much for "Post and Commenting", let's go to "Language and formatting" and follow these steps:-

3.1 Select your language.
3.2 Go To Formatting and Select your Time Zone.

It's enough for Language and Formatting and then, visit "Search Preferences". If you guys don't know it is the most important part of SEO optimization, and it is the most helpful part for SEO and Ranking. Follow it Carefully.

4.1 Enter your Meta Description by enabling it.
4.2 Set Custom Robots headers Tags enable.

Fill up the tick boxes like this.
This much for basic, because the whole SEO process can't be mentioned in a single article and for learning more you need to learn by yourself. And This process is the basic SEO optimization process that helps, and that's important.


I hope you guys get it, I've tried to make you understand more, please ignore minor mistakes. If you like this post, please share this, and don't forget to share it with your new blogging mate or friend. If you want any more interesting and cool stuff on the topic of SEO, I'll try to cover some basics.

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