eLearn - Education Blogger Template

eLearn - Education Blogger Template
eLearn Blogger Template is basically an education blogger template that deals with a premium design that makes it really attractive. It is not too responsive, designed to provide a better desktop experience. Still, it works on mobiles with a decent performance. It has a sliding panel that makes it more professional.

Quick Info

Template Name: eLearn

Platform: Blogger

Template Author: Templateism

eLearn Blogger Template

It is a professionally designed blogger template having an attractive design. It is an Education Blogger Template with Login and Register options. The Template contains beautiful register and login buttons so you can place login and register screen on your blog to get registered users. It has a Giant Slideshow as a featured post that continues showing you up the images of your blog post. It is not too responsive and also can cause problems in mobile devices. But, it has an attractive and user-friendly professional design. It really makes you feel like a professional site visit created by professional site builders. It provides the best user experience with the simple blog created on Blogger. It also has a dedicated NEWSLETTER (Email Subscription) Box for notifying blog's visitors about your blog's new posts.


This is an Education blogger template, eLearn Blogger Template is a professional blogger template for a simple site builder. The features are listed that you can check them.
  • Professional Design
  • Premium Looks
  • Slideshow
  • Email Subscription
  • Education Blogger Template
  • Login and Register buttons
  • 4 Columns Footers
  • Gallery
  • Post Thumbnails
  • Social Bookmark Ready
  • Drop Down Menu
  • Responsive
  • Portfolio
  • 1 Right Sidebar
  • 2 Columns
  • Login Support
  • White
  • Elegant

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